Press Conference on the Works of the NATO PA Annual Session

The Head of the Delegation of the RA National Assembly to NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) Koryun Nahapetyan and the member of the Delegation and PN member, Tevan Poghosyan presented the works of the NATO PA Annual Session held in Croatia at the press conference on October 17.

According to Koryun Nahapetyan, numerous issues concerning the global and regional security on the agenda of the Annual Session have been: 17 reports have been discussed and 7 resolutions have been adopted. The key themes have been mainly the problems of Syria and Afghanistan, and a problem has been put in corresponding resolutions to continue the humanitarian support and the establishment of peace in other countries.

The representatives of the NA Delegation noted that they had also actively taken part in the works of all 5 committees of the NATO PA and presented different recommendations. In particular, the problem of using the measures aimed at sowing xenophobia and racism, the issues of ensuring security of the national and religious minorities in Syria, innocent people, especially, the Armenian community. They have proposed that the NATO resolution connected with the Syrian problem will be consonant with the UN resolution the external mediation will be excluded, as the settlement of the crisis is the Syrian people’s problem. By Tevan Poghosyan, the parliamentarians of the NATO member countries did not deem obligatory that their adopted resolution corresponds the UN resolution by the substantiation that they condition their decisions by their interests, but not by the UN resolution.

In response to the issues relating to the perspectives of cooperation with the NATO, Koryun Nahapetyan has assured that the cooperation of our country with the NATO will be continuous and it does not contradict the policy adopted by our country in the issue of integration, particularly, the goals of joining the Customs Union. He also informed those present that different programs had been implemented with the NATO with parliamentary dimension and will be still implemented, particularly reminding that on June 16-19 six deputies and three employees of the staff of the National Assembly participated in the parliamentary training program organized by the NATO PA in Brussels, which was referring to the structure, the pursuing common and regional policy of the NATO PA, the issues of bilateral interest, and on July 1-3 the NA deputy Edmon Marukyan and him participated in the NATO cognitive program for getting substantial information about the policy and structure of the organization.


PN member Tevan J. Poghosyan has been Member of the Armenian Parliament since 2012. In addition, Mr. Poghosyan is President of the International Center for Human Development (ICHD) since 1999 and Executive President of the Armenian Atlantic Association since 2001. He has extensive experience in reconciliation and track 2 diplomacy projects between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Armenia and Turkey. 


Originally published by the website of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

Photo by EU Neighborhood Info Centre.