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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention; a worldwide network bringing together trailblazers in the international policymakers’ community in the field of conflict prevention. Membership to our network provides the opportunity to participate in events specifically designed for our members, as well as in events organized by the EastWest Institute on a wide array of policy areas. Furthermore, we enable building synergy in policy across boundaries, between parliaments with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of conflict prevention measures worldwide.

Membership to the network is free, so as to enable the broadest possible involvement  of parliamentarians around the globe. We welcome current, as well as former, parliamentarians from regional, national and supranational parliaments from across the political spectrum.

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We will contact you shortly after we receive your form, preferably by e-mail. Should you have any questions regarding membership, or wish to receive more information, please contact the Secretariat.

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