Poghosyan: Armenia’s Reforms Should Not Be Conditioned by Reforms in CU Member States

December 12, 2013

The roadmap for Armenia’s entry into the Customs Union should be a subject of serious discussions in the National Assembly, member of Heritage parliamentary faction Tevan Poghosyan announced during the conference titled “European integration 2013: Prospects of EU-Armenia relations after the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius.”

He noted that all institutions, including those involved in talks with the EU, should participate in negotiations with the Customs Union because they may propose good models to the Customs Union.

According to the Heritage MP, the Customs Union is also a political component and that program will be a success, but Armenia’s reforms should not be conditioned by reforms in the member states of the Customs Union.

“Armenia should not become a country of Kazakh or Belarusian model,” he added.


Originally published on Panorama.am.

Photo by EU Neighbourhood Info Center.


PN member Tevan J. Poghosyan has been Member of the Armenian Parliament since 2012. In addition, Mr. Poghosyan is President of the International Center for Human Development (ICHD) since 1999 and Executive President of the Armenian Atlantic Association since 2001. He has extensive experience in reconciliation and track 2 diplomacy projects between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Armenia and Turkey.

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