PN Member Meg Munn Helps Planning for Iraqi Parliamentary Transition

Meg Munn's Office
June 25, 2013

Welcoming new Members of Parliament after a general election is one of the most difficult tasks for parliamentary staff everywhere. It means ensuring that the new MPs get security passes, office accommodation and equipment as well as all the information they need to do their job. At Westminster preparations begin well before the election, working with a rough estimate of the likely new number of MPs arriving, as opposed to old hands returning. Consequently UK parliamentary staff have built up a lot of experience, which takes in results of the review on how the services can be improved for next time.

In contrast Iraq has only experienced two general elections and has not built up a body of experience on which to work. In addition they face continuing security concerns, and a parliament building not really appropriate for a national assembly. Their parliamentary staff are nevertheless determined to provide as good a service as possible for the next elections in 2014. To assist their plans a team recently visited the UK to learn from our experience.

Meg said:

"I was delighted to work with the Iraqi parliamentary staff on their recent visit to the UK. Our House of Commons staff were very generous with their time and expertise, and enjoyed meeting their Iraqi counterparts. I was able to provide an MP's perspective to the discussions about priorities for next year's new MPs. I am sure that this visit will help ensure a good start for staff and MPs after the 2014 elections."

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