The World We Want in 2015

Heidi Hautala, Finnish Minister for International Development
January 25, 2013

The conflicts between and within nations ruin people's lives and prevent development and economic growth. In order to secure better future for fragile states and their citizens we need to put emphasis on human rights and rule of law.

Until now, the international development agenda has been based on three pillars of sustainable development: those of economic, social and environmental. Recently, however, the international community has started to speak about the need for a fourth pillar, that is the pillar of peace and security.

This thinking goes well with the Finnish Development policy. Our new policy puts special emphasis on human rights and rule of law, which are very closely related to questions of fragility, peace and security.  For example, we have increased our support to peace mediation and implementation of the UN resolution 1325 On women, peace and security. Also inclusiveness is at the heart of our policy. These are important reasons for us to support the Post-2015 consultation on Conflict and Fragility, the essence of which is to create a truly inclusive process for defining future development goals.

While we continue to be deeply committed to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), there are only two years until the deadline we have given ourselves. We really need to put our minds together if we are to come up with workable plans to generate sustainable development in the world after 2015. The international community is preparing thoroughly and with dedication for the development challenges ahead - but it is the inclusiveness of the consultation process is that is crucial for its success.

To find out more about the initiative on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, please visit the website The World We Want 2015.

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