U.S. Lawmakers Call for Conditions on Afghan Aid in face of Stoning Laws

November 27, 2013

In September, a group of women legislators and parliamentarians from the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, and Egypt joined together through WAND and PN to discuss "Women at the Tables of Power" and the role of women within Parliament in light of UN Security Council resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security. Sharing stories and experiences, the women discussed the United States's government shutdown and the similarities and differences of the role of women in their countries. This time, we asked our ladies to comment on the recent developments with the laws related to stoning in Afghanistan (read the Human Rights Watch commentary about the developments here). 

Urging the United States government to not support developmental aid in light of the stoning laws, participant and Virginia State Senator, PN Member Barbara Favola comments

"The US government must not support a regime that violates internationally accepted human rights for its citizens.  Economic progress becomes a reality only when everyone is treated with dignity and respect".

State Senator and PN Member Charleta Tavares adds, 

"I believe we must stand firm on protecting Human Rights in any Bilateral Security Agreement.  The United States should not negotiate away the protection of Afghan people. The Karzai government signed onto the international human rights conventions and pledged to protect human rights in Afghanistan, especially women’s rights. We cannot and should not go back to the barbaric Taliban practices of stoning and other cruel and inhumane treatment of the Afghan people and donate to those who would condone it.  We must stand firm and speak loudly with and for our Afghan sisters and brothers. No social justice, no Afghan Afghani."

As women continue to gain strides on a global scale for equality, one can't help but wonder where does the future for these Afghan women lie? As Senator Tavares comments, we need to stand with our Afghan sisters and brothers and speak loudly for the rights that these women deserve. 


Photo by usbpanasonic.