Turkey's Policy Toward Syrian Refugees

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs) has published a brief report on "Turkey's Policy toward Syrian Rfugees," highlighting the domestic repurcussions of the Turkish response and the need for international support. 

Turkey’s humanitarian activities toward Syrian refugees are part and parcel of its overall policy in the Syria conflict, the report says. Yet, it has become increasingly clear that the Turkish government has overestimated its capacities, and thus failed to deliver sufficient assistance to Syrian refugees on its territory.

At the same time the government’s handling of the refugee issue has led to stark tensions among Turkey’s political and societal forces, as Turkey’s border regions contend with increasing security and economic challenges. The report recommends that Germany and its European partners support Turkey in maintaining and improving services to Syrian refugees in Turkey, and in delivering aid more effectively to internally displaced persons (IDPs) inside Syria. They should also push Turkey to adopt a long-term strategy for dealing with Syrian refugees.


Read the full report here

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Backhaus.

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