Syria: Conditional Support for Military Intervention

Nicole Ameline
September 03, 2013

France must assume its duties and responsibilities in the area of fundamental rights. These fundamental rights are a standard that have always been upheld continuing to maintain their credibility on the global stage.

We should refuse any withdrawal attempt. The fight against impunity on war crimes follows that logic and we should not renounce a priori to the principle of intervention.

However, it is essential to define the legitimacy, solidarity and efficiency. On these three points, it is clear that, the conditions now in place do not allow supporting a military intervention.

It seems essential to:

  • Not act before the official result of the experts in the United Nations and the decision of the United States
  • To require the President of the Republic to adopt a dual political initiative: in Europe, particularly invisible in the issue, and through the course of G20 in order to reinforce the international solidarity and dialogue with Russia
  • Link our possible contribution to the international coalition, to the participation or to the support of the Arab League
  • Don’t engage in any action that is not a targeted, limited and isolated operation

With regard to the Parliament vote, it is clear that intervention could only happen with the assurance  on each of these points.


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