Provocation by Russia extends to Estonia, says Marko Mihkelson

Marko Mihkelson
April 09, 2014

The aim of Russian extremists to organize in Tallinn is to create fear and insecurity, and such announcements should be taken calmly, Estonian Riigikogu foreign committee chairman Marko Mihkelson told Delfi.

"It is clear that Russian special services have prepared information operations regarding several neighboring states, including Estonia. Now these are being implemented and they are not a surprise for us," said Mihkelson.

"The news that the provokers, that we all know, wish to organize yet another Kremlin-supporting event has to be taken calmly. The aim of such information operations is to spread fear and insecurity. We have an obligation to be above that and keep our heads clear," said Mihkelson.

Mihkelson said that while the Baltic States have never had illusions regarding Russia, the attitudes of our security partners have changed with the Ukrainian events. "Our allies understand excellently what game Russia is playing. The best step as a citizen and at the public media level is not to become victim of provocations by the special services," said Mihkelson.

Russian newspaper Izvestija wrote that in April, two protest meetings will take place in Tallinn, organized by the organization ‘Russkije v Estonii.’ The first is planned to take place on April 12 at the Russian Embassy and the second on April 20 at the Riigikogu residence, the Toompea Castle.


Originally published on the website of The Baltic Times.

Photo by Jase1111.


PN Member Marko Mihkelson is a member of the Estonian parliament, where he is Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He is also the Head of the Estonian Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.