PN Member Ulrike Lunacek Sends Greetings to Peacecamp 2013

"Fear of the other and ignorance are some of the most important obstacles to peace. In order to preserve and achieve peace, we need dialogue. We need to expose each side to the other’s point of view, because peace is more than the absence of war", PN Member Ulrike Lunacek said in her greetings to the Peacecamp 2013.

From July 4 to 14, 2013, nearly 50 young people came together in Reibers, Lower Austria, in order to meet and exchange experience, opinions and suggestions on historical and contemporary issues related to the functioning of their societies. A special focus was on collective trauma, on non-violent modes of dealing with conflict and on the young people’s vision of the kind of society into which they wish to grow.

Not being able to attend the peacecamp's final show, PN Member Ulrike Lunacek sent her greetings via video meessage, requesting all the participants to continue working for peace at home: "Living with differences, and finding ways to bridge them, is also part of a functioning democracy. [...] Your generation must give peace another chance. You have a voice. You can make a difference."


To watch PN Member Ulrike Lunacek's video message, please click here.


PN Member Ulrike Lunacek is Member of the European Parliament, where she serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Subcommittee on Security and Defense. She is furthermore spokesperson of the Greens/ EFA on Foreign Affairs and Rapporteur for Kosovo.


Photo by diegruenenoesterreich.