No Appetite to Send Troops to Syria

August 28, 2013

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said last night that there is “no appetite” to deploy British troops in Syria.

Mr. Donaldson said scenes from the country are “horrific and sickening”.

“Going to war or military intervention of any kind is a serious business and it is absolutely right that the Prime Minister is seeking the view of Parliament,” he said. “It is clear there is no appetite for our troops to be deployed nor do we want civilians placed at risk. Before any commitment to military action there must be a clear objective and absolute clarity that any action by the West will not result in making a bad situation worse.”

He also called for protection of religious minority rights in the country, including those of the Christian minority.


PN Member Jeffrey Donaldson is DUP Spokesman on Defence, Equality and Energy and Climate Change, and Member of the Defence Select Committee. He was a senior member of the negotiating team in the Northern Ireland constitutional talks and a member of the DUP negotiating team, which participated in the negotiations under the Review of the Belfast Agreement. 


Photo by DUP Photos.

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