Democratic Standards in Macedonia Raise Serious Concerns in Europe

Evgeni Kirilov

Democratic standards in Macedonia raise serious concerns in Europe. This is what MEP Evgeni Kirilov said at the second discussion of 2012 Macedonia progress report, the office of MEP announced. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament held a second debate on the report of Macedonia’s progress in 2012, whose rapporteur is Briton Richard Howitt. Within the frames of the lasted over an hour and a half debate, Bulgarian MEP from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Evgeni Kirilov expressed concerns about democratic standards in our southwestern neighboring country, in terms of the attitude towards citizens with different ethical origin and very tense political situation of a deadlock lasting for more than two months. He recalled the nationalistic tendencies of the current Macedonian government and megalomaniac projects in this regard. The Bulgarian politician paid particular attention to the way in which Europe addresses these serious issues.
Evgeni Kirilov concluded that the current Macedonian government had previously retreated from basic democratic standards, but Europe did not seem to notice.

Source: FOCUS Information Agency.

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