Alliance in Support of the Afghan People: Open Letter to President Obama

Alliance in Support of the Afghan People
January 15, 2014

President of the United States of America

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500


January 15, 2014


Honorable President Obama,

On behalf of the Afghan people, especially the youth of our country who make up the majority of our population, we are writing to reinforce our firm wish to see the partnership between the United States and Afghanistan continue beyond the year 2014. 

Over the last 12 years, the people of Afghanistan have made significant gains and achievements in rebuilding our civic and government institutions, including our security forces to safeguard our rights and ensure our safety. On every possible indicator of development in a society, Afghanistan has seen progress that is of truly historic proportions.  This would not have been possible without the generous support and the immense sacrifices of the American people and other members of the international community.  

Undoubtedly, this partnership and our shared gains have also come at a significant cost for the Afghan people, none greater than the innocent lives that were lost over the years.  However, as we Afghans take full charge of our affairs in all walks of life in the year 2014, we wish to see the United States remain closely engaged with Afghanistan in the years to come. We believe the continuation of our friendship is of immense importance to the Afghan people and will also contribute to the strengthening of regional and international peace and security and prosperity of the Afghan nation.  This is particularly crucial because our shared achievements remain fragile and face the risk of reversal in the absence of a sustained engagement of the international community, especially the United States.

In this regard, we strongly echo the endorsement of the Bilateral Security Agreement last month at the Loya Jirga and reiterate that the agreement should be signed without delay. Our voice reflects a growing chorus from all segments of the Afghan society, including our religious and business community leaders, who remain concerned about the future of our country and wish to see the expeditious finalization of the BSA.

While we the Afghan people will continue to hold our government accountable, we call on you, Mr. President, to ensure that the United States will stand behind the true aspirations of the Afghan people for free, prosperous and democratic future.  Over the coming years, Afghanistan will be completing its political and security transitions as the foundation for the future that we seek.  It is our sincere hope that the people of the United States, who were with us during difficult years, will remain with us as we complete the challenging transition period and become more self-reliant.


Sincerely Yours, 


Raz Mohammad Dalili

Executive Director, Sanayee Development Organization (SDO)

Fahim Dashty

Chief Executive, Afghanistan National Journalists Union (ANJU)

Yousaf Dawran

Founder, Pace Group of Companies

Seema Ghani

Anti-Corruption Activist and Former Deputy Minister Labor Affairs

Elham Gharji

Director, Gawharshaad University

Mir Ahmad Joyenda

Independent Civil Society Activist

Abdul Ghafoor Liwal

Director, Regional Studies Center

Farshid Hakimyar

Founding Director, Afghanistan Organization for Strategic Studies

Shafiq Hamdam

Chairman, Afghan Anti Corruption Network

Gran Hewad

Co-Founder Afghan Peace and Development Studies

Parwiz Kawa

Editor in Chief, Daily 8AM

Abdul Mujeeb Khalwatgar

Executive Director, NAI Supporting Free Media in Afghanistan

Danish Karokhail

Director, Pazhwak News Agency

Masood Karokhail

Director, The Liaison Office

Shinkai Kharokhail

MP, Parliament of Afghanistan

Jalaluddin Kasat

Zwak Media and Advocacy Network

Abdullah Khenjani

News Director, 1TV

Ambassador Jawed Ludin

Executive Director Afghanistan and Central Asia, ANHAM

Davood Moradian

Director General, Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies

Nader Nadery

Director, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit

Abaceen Nasimi

Chief Executive Director, Duran Consulting

Nargis Nehan

Founder and Executive Director, Equality for Peace and Democracy

Atteq Nosher

Managing Director Apex2 Consulting

Abdul Nafi Olomi

Former Political Adviser, European Union Special Representative for Afghanistan/ Kandahar

Ahmad Quraishi

Executive Director, Afghanistan Journalist Center (Herat Based)

Aziz Rafie

Executive Director, Afghanistan Civil Society Forum

Hamed Saboory

Direct Master Program, Kardan University

Hasina Safi

Executive Director, Afghan Women Network (AWN)

Ambassador Mahmood Saikal

Former Deputy Foreign Minister, Government of Afghanistan (As a Member)

Barry Salam

Director, Organization of Afghan Alumni

Ambassador Omar Samad

Senior Fellow, New America Foundation

Sayed Rahim Sattar

Director Afghan Public Welfare Organization (APWO)

Said Niamatullah Sayer

Corruption Prevention Advisor, Independent Joint Anti Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Committee

Kamela Sediqi

CEO, Kaweyan Group of Companies

Mahbouba Seraj

Women’s Rights Activist

Saeeq Shajjan

Managing Partner, Shajjan and Associates

Najib Sharifi

Director, Afghan Journalists Safety Committee/ Afghan Voices

Omaid Sharifi

Civil Society Advisory Board Member of UN Women/ Regional Manager of    Tawanmandi

Sanjar Sohail

8am Newspaper

Siddiqullah Tawhidi

Director, Media Watch

Mirwais Wardak

Director, Peace Training and Research Organization

Afghanistan Analysis and Awareness Group (A3)


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The Alliance in Support of the Afghan People (ASAP) is a coalition dedicated to preserving and protecting progress made by the Afghan people over the last 12 years. For more information, please click here.

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