We Now Have a Window of Opportunity, Tarja Cronberg Says after Iran Visit

TC and the EP Iran delegation meeting Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi in Tehran.

A European Parliament (EP) Delegation fo five MEPs visited Tehran between December 12 and 18, first time since 2007, aiming to re-establish interparliamentary relations with members of the Iranian Majlis, to raise human rights issues including the protection of minorities and the promotion of democratic values, and to meet the two Sakharov prize winners, Jafer Panahi and Nasrin Sotoudeh.

Following the EP visit to Tehran, PN member Tarja Cronberg MEP, Chair of the delegation, states: "We now have a window of opportunity. It is a real opening, but it will not be there for very long. The Iranian people have high expectations. A gradual transformation of society is taking place."

"After having discussed different alternatives with Iranian leaders, the delegation suggests that the EU Special Representative for Human Rights would visit Iran in the near future, to initiate a dialogue [on] human rights issues. Members of the delegation also believe that an EU representation would be beneficial in Iran, a view shared by the EU ambassadors posted in Tehran. As a first step we suggest the appointment of an EU special envoy to Iran," she adds.

"There is an opportunity for widening the scope of the dialogue with Iran to include drug trafficking and regional security issues. Mutual exchange of students and visitors, as well as cultural exchange, should be increased," Tarja Cronberg concludes.


Source: Tarja Cronberg's office.

Photo by Tarja Cronberg's office.


PN Member Tarja Cronberg MEP is currently serving as Chairperson of the Delegation for EU relations with Iran. She is also member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and its Subcommittee on Security and Defence.

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