UK MPs Back Findings of IPCC Climate Change Assessment Report

The world’s most comprehensive report yet on the science of climate change has been strongly endorsed by an influential group of MPs [in the UK].

The Energy and Climate Change Committee found that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's processes were “robust” and their conclusions should be accepted by policymakers.

The IPCC, a grouping of hundreds of scientists convened by the UN, published its mammoth report in three parts from last September to this spring, its first such update in seven years.

It concluded that climate change is almost certainly manmade, that a large proportion of fossil fuel reserves will have to stay in the ground to avoid dangerous warming of 5C or more, and that global warming is being felt "on all continents and across the oceans". It also concluded that the transition to clean energy to avoid the worst impacts of climate change was eminently affordable. [...]


Read the full article on The Guardian's website.

The UK House of Commons' Energy and Climate Committee's reviewed the Working Group I contribution of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report. Read their full report on the UK Parliament's website.

The IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report is available here.


Photo courtesy of James Neeley.

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