PN Member Senator Mobina Jaffer Honored for her Contribution to Gender Equality

On Wednesday October 9, Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women National Committee Canada, honoured six outstanding fellow Canadians who have made a remarkable contribution to the empowerment of women. For one person to change our perception of what's normal in this world, of what's possible in this world is a power that can't be underestimated.

The 2013 UN Women National Committee Canada Honourees;

  • Sophie Grégoire Trudeau - Contribution to Human Rights. 
  • Vasdev Chanchlani - Contribution to Philanthropy. 
  • Amanda Lang - Contribution to Women's Achievement in Business Journalism. 
  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada - Contribution to Diversity & Leadership in Business. 
  • Honorable Senator Mobina Jaffer - Contribution to Gender Equality. 
  • Bernadette Lee - Contribution to Excellence in News Communications. 

Host: Patrick Gagnon - Parliamentary group

"It was my distinct pleasure to recognize the contribution of fellow Canadians to women's empowerment and gender equality. For one person to change our perception of what's normal in this world, of what's possible in this world is a power that can't be underestimated. I am encouraged by these amazing honourees and feel privileged to acknowledge them through our organization's annual recognition ceremony. We have been honouring exceptional Canadians for 13 years and I am always struck by how each one them has unique talents and aspirations, as well as a unique experience to offer their communities". Empowerment is about the strength, resilience and determination of women to unleash the power within, and then inspire others to do the same. The women's empowerment movement is a collective action that begins with the power of one. Each award recipient embodies all of the characteristics of the women's empowerment movement and lives and breathes the power of one principle," said Almas Jiwani, President of United Nations Women National Committee Canada.

Recipients expressed their appreciation for being recognized for this prestigious honour;

  • Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau: "I am humbled and honoured to receive this recognition from UN Women National Committee Canada. Whether we are able to admit it or not, we live in a world of extreme inequalities. But if we look around us, if we truly are able to see ourselves and others with clarity and lucidity, one can recognize that we are more similar than we are different. When women and men reach out to one another, something magical happens, and I try to live this every day through my volunteer work, as a yoga teacher and as a mother, wife and friend," . 
  • Amanda Lang: "It's an honour to be selected by UN Women National Committee Canada for this recognition, and I'm humbled to be in the company of such talented and outstanding men and women. The work that UN Women National Committee Canada does globally is an important tool in empowering women, and I congratulate them on their continued success." 
  • Vasdev Chanchlani; As a philanthropist and entrepreneur, I give to those without the opportunity to provide for themselves. While enforcing the equality of women, I believe that with my unwavering support system-including my wife, two daughters and son-much of this compassion is possible, and those with the power to create change and equality have the responsibility to do so. By creating a world where we give, the world gives back." 
  • RBC: "At RBC we believe that leveraging diversity and fostering an inclusive workplace strengthens our business and the communities we operate in," said Helena Gottschling, Senior Vice President Leadership and Organizational Development, RBC. "It is an honour to be recognized by the UN Women National Committee Canada for our efforts in gender diversity." 
  • Senator Mobina Jaffer; "I accept this recognition with great humility on behalf of all trafficked teenage girls around the world. They are the true recipients," 
  • Bernadette Lee; "Giving back is a core value of how I live my life, and I knew at a young age that I would do whatever I could to empower others and give them a chance to grow. I am in a position at Marketwired that allows me to make a difference -- whether that's using news and communication channels to spread awareness of women's causes or volunteering to give young journalists the chance to network, grow and help each other achieve success,". 

The cocktail reception and recognition ceremony featured special performances by Belinda Brady, two-time Juno nominee and Canadian Urban Music Award winning singer.

Senator Mobina Jaffer represents the province of British Columbia in the Senate of Canada, where she chairs the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights. From 2002 to 2005, she chaired the Canadian Committee on Women, Peace, and Security. Most recently, Senator Jaffer chaired a Senate study on the sexual exploitation of children in Canada and the need for national action.

Originally Published by The Digital Journal

Photo by 神韻晚會之超級粉絲.

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