PN Member Juan Carlos Martinez Participates in Colombia Peace Forums

Last spring, PN Member Juan Carlos Martinez, member of the Colombian Congress Committee for Peace, participated in a series of round tables promoted by the peace building NGO “Conciliation Resources”. With fours other members of the Peace Commission of the Colombian Congress he visited the cities of London, Brussels, Paris and Barcelona.

The overall aim of the roundtable meetings was to give a voice to the exiled Colombians, victims of the armed conflict with the insurgent Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The initiative offered Colombians living abroad a platform to expose their ideas and interact with the different parties participating in the peace process. The public hearings were an excellent opportunity to assess the views, opinions and contributions given by the great number of exiled Colombians, as well as their concerns and hopes for the future of the negotiations.

The different actors involved in the process finally met in La Habana, Cuba, to discuss several aspects of the peace project such as citizen participation, drug trafficking or future interactions with victims of the conflict.


For more information about the Colombian peace forums in Europe, please click here.

To see a video on the Colombia Peace Forums and statement of Mr. Juan Carlos Martínez (in Spanish), please click here.

Photo by Sparky the Neon Cat.

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