Pakistani Government Working to End Energy Crisis

The government of Pakistan is working round the clock to overcome the energy crisis, PN Member Marvi Memon said last Friday. Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif had introduced a competent team to meet the challenge of loadshedding, she was quoted on an article published by the Business Recorder.

Khawaj Asif was also devoted person, she added. Marvi said that government was working to eradicate the gap between demand and supply of electricity. She said that government had taken all province on board on energy policy.

She urged the people to help government for eliminating pilferage of electricity as it was a national responsibility. Joint efforts were needed to overcome power crisis, she said.

She said that media should also play its role to remove electricity theft. She said that all provinces and federal government were on same page to remove electricity stealing across the country.

To a question, Memon said that her party had formulated a strategy for five years, saying that people had given mandate to PML-N to overcome the challenges being faced by the country.

The government was committed to ensure transparency in all affairs of ministry, she said, adding that increasing GDP was top priority of PML-N.

She claimed that loadshedding was being reduced gradually due to the serious steps being taken by the government.


Originally published on the Business Recorder website.

Photo by robertdanielullman.

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