Mihkelson Invites Russia to Revisit Stalled Negotiations

State Duma

In light of the thaw in Estonian-Russian border treaty negotiations, the head of the Estonian parliamentary delegation visiting Moscow, PN member Marko Mihkelson, has called for Russia to review other issues where progress has stalled.

After a meeting with the head of the State Duma's International Affairs Committee, Aleksey Pushkov, on Thursday, Mihkelson said that the meetings he and the Riigikogu foreign committee delegation had in Moscow on Wednesday and Thursday increased his faith that a positive result would be achieved on the border agreement.

He also listed off a number of issues to be revisited: double taxation, crisis situations, diplomatic real estate, higher-education, border guard cooperation, customs procedures and other problems at migration checkpoints.

Mihkelson added that Estonia, a member of the Eurozone and the Schengen Area, is ready to discuss a potential EU-Russian visa freedom agreement.

"Although our countries' residents do not currently have the opportunity of visa-free travel to one another's countries, the flow of tourists from Russia to Estonia is growing each year by about 20 percent,“ Mihkelson said.

The Estonian parliamentary delegation arrived in Moscow on Wednesday, April 10, for a three-day visit. It was the first parliamentary-level visit to the country in nine years.


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Photo by daniks.

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