France24 Portrays PN Member Shinkai Karokhail

The Hon. Shinkai Karokhail MP

As part of the "Revisited" series of special reports, France24 reporters went to Kabul in Afghanistan to meet Shinkai Karokhail, Member of the Afghan Parliament and member of the Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention.

Shinkai Karokhail is one of about 60 Afghan women MPs who battled the prejudices of Afghan society and sometimes even opposition and resistance from their own family to hold public office.

The reporters followed Shinkai Karokhail for several days: from a finance committee meeting where she is investigating the country’s biggest ever corruption scandal, involving President Karzai’s brother… to a Shura, a council of elders, where she is the only woman in the midst of two dozen men.

"Through her story, we also aim to show the tragedy of Kabul: a city that went from immense hope to crushing disappointment", France24 says in the special report announcement.


To watch the entire report, please visit the France24 website.

Photo by boellstiftung.

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