EPP is Alarmed by Behavior of Bulgarian Nationalists

Elmar Brok, Chairperson of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs from the Group of the European People's Party, EPP, has congratulated former Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, with his election victory.

"I would like to congratulate you for the strong results in the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. For the first time in modern Bulgarian history, a former ruling party wins the elections after a term in office," Brok has told Borisov in a phone conversation.

Borisov is now not only the leader, but also the Chairperson of the parliamentary group of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB.

Brok, however, has stressed that EPP was following closely the situation in Bulgaria as it was strongly concerned by the role of the nationalists in the decision making process in Bulgaria.

"We watched carefully the convening of the new Bulgarian Parliament Tuesday and the behavior of the nationalists, who dared to insult ambassadors with the diplomatic corps in your country. For this reason, I would like to assure you that we are collecting information about the behavior of the Ataka party, as well as of the Turkish party and the Socialists, who obviously are not concerned with getting support from the nationalists," Brok has stated.

He has assured Borisov that EPP stood firmly behind him and GERB and would react strongly to any attempt to fail the efforts of the GERB cabinet to lead Bulgaria on the European path.

Borisov has expressed gratitude for the high marks and for the support.

On Tuesday, for the first time in the history of the Bulgarian Parliament, the foreign diplomats left before the newly elected Speaker delivered his speech as they felt offended by the "circus," staged mainly by the leader of the far-right, nationalist Ataka party, Volen Siderov.

During the Parliament opening ceremony, Siderov delivered a speech that stunned many with its tone and threats. Among other things, he brazenly turned towards foreign diplomats in attendance and explained to them that half million Bulgarians lived with EUR 73 a month.

"Don't come here well fed and satisfied and dictate from Brussels how to make democracy in our country. Come here, down to earth, down to the people and see how they live," said Siderov.


Originally published by Sofia News Agency.

Photo by ali eminov.

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