Bulgaria and Turkey on Syrian Refugees

Bulgarian MEP Evgeni Kirilov has informed Turkish Minister for European Affairs Egemen Bagis about the serious difficulties Bulgaria is experiencing in relation with the illegal immigration of Syrian refugees, announced the MEP’s office. 

Bulgaria has already exhausted its capacity and in the past one week up to 100 refugees arrive in Bulgaria a day. Kirilov said that according to other MEPs who had been on a mission in Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece, the refugees could go to Edirne without any problems. There they catch a bus and using mediators, they reach the border and cross it, sometimes even when Turkish border authorities see them. The issue is becoming sensitive for Bulgaria and Evgeni Kirilov called on the Turkish authorities to pay it attention. 

Minister Bagis announced that he was surprised by the large number, because he thought most of the refugees headed to the border with Greece, which is a Schengen Area member. The minister promised to raise the issue for discussion when he returns to Turkey. In addition, Turkey plans to set up a civilian border agency and crack down on its border control.The minister announced that Turkey had already reached an agreement about the readmission agreement with the European Union. He also expects progress in the talks about the visa liberalisation agreement.


Photo by IHH Insani Yardim Vakfi/TURKEY.

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