Prof. Dr. Barry Goodfield

Barry Austin Goodfield
United States of America
Other current affiliations: 

Founder and Director Goodfield Institute, President and CEO Goodfield Foundation, Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations, Diplomat, National Center for Crisis Management

Regions of interest: 

Prof. Dr. Goodfield is Founding Director of The Goodfield Institute LLC, located in The Hague and the United States. In 1996 he became President and CEO of The Goodfield Foundation: for the Study of Conflict Communication and Peace Building. He is currently a Senior Professor at Henley-Putnam University instructing doctoral level students from the intelligence, and counterterrorism community. He is an international lecture, author and noted radio and television personality. While a visiting Professor at the Diplomatic Academy of London he wrote the book Insight and Action: The role of the Unconscious in crisis from the personal to international levels, University of Westminster Press, London 1999. Various international bodies such as the United Nations (ICTY) and NATO H.Q. Brussels, as well as governments such as the former Soviet Union, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, the Sultanate of Oman, Ukraine and the Austrian Government have utilized the services and methodology of the Foundation. For five years Dr. Goodfield was a protégé to semantics expert and United States Senator S. I. Hayakawa. He completed his Ph.D. in Psychology and Human Behavior at United States International University, with prior doctoral study at University of California Berkeley and Rutgers University.