Ms. Marvi Memon MNA

Marvi Memon
National Assembly of Pakistan
Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N)
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Member of the following: 

Chairperson of Standing Committee on Information Broadcasting and National Heritage

Other current affiliations: 

Coordinator for Prime Minister's Youth Business Program

Regions of interest: 

Ms. Memon was born in Karachi in July 1972. After schooling in Karachi, Paris and Kuwait, she graduated from the London School of Economics with a B.Sc (Econ) Honors in International Relations. With internships at Dawn, Newsline, Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, US embassy counselor section, and International Union for Conservation of Nature during her education years, Ms. Memon started her career as a banker at Citibank Pakistan where she specialized in Marketing and Quality Management for the consumer bank.

She then launched Pakistan’s first satellite tracking fleet management concern Trakker, which established her as an entrepreneur and the youngest woman CEO of a multinational firm at the time.

Her next assignment led her to advising the President of Pakistan on Media Management and then to advising the government on Investment Strategy.

Marvi Memon served as Member of Parliament from March 2008 to June 2011. During this time she championed the causes of all discriminated members of society, was the most travelled member of parliament in all provinces and territories where discrimination was found, was chairperson of the assembly’s committee on climate change and authored groundbreaking legislation like Acid bill which even made it to an Oscar documentary.

After three years at the National Assembly she resigned from her former party and parliament in protest of PMLQ joining the government.

After leaving parliament, she launched a movement for change at grassroots levels in Pakistan and especially Sindh with like-minded colleagues. In March 2012 she joined PMLN and has since been working in all parts of Pakistan to spread PMLN’s brand of new reformist politics.

In 2013 she was re-elected Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and since November 2013, she is serving as Chairperson of Standing Committee on Information Broadcasting and National Heritage.