Ms Heidi Hautala MEP

European Parliament; Parliament of Finland (Suomen eduskunta)
The Green League (Vihreä liitto) / Group of the Greens-European Free Alliance
Last Election: 
Upcoming Election: 
Member of the following: 
  • Member of the Committee on Development
  • Member of the Committee on Budgets
  • Substitute Member of the Committee on Legal Affairs
Other current affiliations: 
  • Vice-President of the Bureau Human Rights
  • Vice-President of the Greens / EFA group in the European Parliament
Previous other affiliations: 
  • EP committees:
    • Subcommittee on Human Rights, Chairwoman 2009-2011
    • Committee on Foreign Affairs, Member 2009-2011
    • Committee on Civil Liberties, Home and Justice Affairs, Substitute Member 2009-2011
    • Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market, Member 1999–2003
    • Committee on Women’s Rights and Equal Opportunities, Member 1997–2003, Chairperson 1998–1999
    • Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy, Substitute Member 1995–2003
    • Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Member 1995–1999
  • Minister for International Development (Finland) 2011-2013

Heidi Hautala was serving as Minister for International Development to the Finnish government from 2011 to 2013. Prior to her appointment as Minister for International Development, she was Member of the European Parliament from 1995 to 2003 and 2009 to 2011 where she chaired the Subcommittee on Human Rights from 2009 to 2011.

Re-elected Member of the European Parliament in 2014, Heidi Hautala is currently serving on the Development Committee as well as on the Budget Committee.

Heidi Hautala has been referred to as the Grand Lady of Finnish Human Rights politics. She is a former member of the European Parliament and the chairwoman of the parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights. She was in charge of European Parliament’s human rights policy in external relations. She believes in furthering human rights, transparency, environmental responsibility and global justice. During the past years Heidi Hautala has been known as a versatile, active and fearless politician internationally and in Finland, where she has been a household name for two decades.