The Hon. Mr. Herman de Croo

The Hon. Mr. Herman De Croo
Flemish Parliament (Vlaams Parlement)
Flemish Liberal Party (Open VLD)
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Previous other affiliations: 
  • Member of the Belgian House of Representatives (Kamer van Volksvertegenwoordigers, Chambre des Représentants) (1968-1991, 1995-2014)
    • Committee on Foreign Affairs
    • Committee on European Affairs
  • President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives (1999-2007)
  • Mayor of Michelbeke (1964-1971)
  • Mayor of Brakel (2000-2012)

Herman De Croo was first elected to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives in 1968 where he has been serving almost uninterrupted until 2014. He has since served in various governments as minister of Transport and Foreign Trade; minister of Transport, Postal Services, Telegraphy and Telephony; minister of Education and minister of Postal Services, Telegraphy, Telephony and Pensions. He became State Minister in 1998 and from 1999 till July 2007, Mr. De Croo served as the president of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, the “lower house” of the Belgian Federal Parliament. He was mayor of Brakel from 2000 to 2013.

Since 2014, Herman De Croo is Member of the Flemish Parliament.