HE Amina Megheirbi MP

HE Amina Megheirbi MP
General National Congress of Libya (Al Mutamar Al Watani Al Aam)
National Forces Alliance (تحالف القوى الوطنية‎, Tahalouf al-quwa al-wataniyya)
Last Election: 
Member of the following: 
  • Head of Human Rights Committee,
  • Member of Transitional Justice Group.
Previous other affiliations: 

Attawasul Association for Youth, Women & Children of Free Libya 

Regions of interest: 

Amina Megheirbi is a Member of the General National Congress in Libya, representing the National Forces Alliance (NFA), where she serves as Head of the Human Rights Committee at the Congress.

Before joining the NFA, Amina was President and Co-founder of the Libyan NGO Attawasul Association for Youth, Women & Children of Free Libya which aims at the empowerment of youth and women through developing their abilities and leadership skills, leading advocacy campaigns and encouraging open dialogue for the whole community focusing on transitional justice that leads to true national reconciliation. As a civil society activist, in a transitional period, Amina has participated in the development of many community-based programs that focus on the process of constructing a constitutional and democratic state.

By profession, Amina is an assistant professor at the English Department of the University of Benghazi (Garyounis) in Benghazi, Libya. She holds an MA in Higher Education from the University of Northern Colorado.