Members of Parliament Will Participate in Consultation on Infrastructure Development in Afghanistan

Bridge Construction in Afghanistan
April 09, 2013 to April 11, 2013

Members of Parliament, including representatives belonging to the Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention, will participate in a meeting on “ Afghanistan Reconnected” organized by The EastWest Institute (EWI) in Istanbul, from April 9-11, 2013. The theme of this meeting will be “The potential for Afghanistan to act as an economic land bridge” between South Asia and Central Asia and it includes discussions on local and regional perspectives to infrastructure development, trade and businesses. The meeting is part of the “Abu Dhabi Process 2013/2014”, a series of high-level consultations to address the issue of “Economic Security in Afghanistan Post-2014”. The Abu Dhabi Process aims at contributing to existing efforts to strengthen regional dialogue on post-2014 economic transition in Afghanistan, and the role it plays towards advancing regional economic cooperation, particularly between the economies of Central Asia and South Asia.

By convening high level representatives of governments, parliaments and the private sector from Afghanistan and neighboring countries, as well as regional and international organizations, EWI intends to identify and promote opportunities for economic growth both in Afghanistan and in the region. Members of Parliament are uniquely situated to represent the public at large (the end-users) and to enrich the debate, taking into full account the realities on the ground. Furthermore, the chance for these parliamentarians to partake in informal consultations on issues in the public interest and in consultations regarding tenders and large-scale infrastructure projects is exceptional. Not only will this opportunity increase the individual capacity of the parliamentarians, but it will also result in taking more informed decision on matters in the public interest.

We would like to acknowledge our donor to the project, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for supporting the participation of Members of Parliament in the Abu Dhabi Process 2013/2014.

Photo by ird_voices.

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