PN Member Ramazan Jumazada Speaks at American University of Afghanistan

Mr.Ramazan Jumazada MP
January 22, 2014

“Women are playing a crucial role in the economic development of our society”, PN Member Ramazan Jumazada MP said in his speech that he delivered at the occasion of the inauguration of the LEAD, an association of leading women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.

LEAD was officially inaugurated on January 22, 2014, at the International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development at the American University of Afghanistan. Its main mission is to serve as an advocacy platform for women's economic rights and roles.

In his speech, PN member Ramazan Jumazada focused on women's economic role in society and how Members of Parliament can support the advocacy process for women’s economic rights and roles. “We all have a duty to encourage women to actively participate in every area of society – in the economic, social and political spheres. Women make up half of Afghanistan’s population and if they don’t contribute to the economic development of the country, the economy will be paralyzed”, Jumazada said. He suggested focusing on two issues: firstly, empower women so that they can contribute to the economic development of their family and country. Secondly, educate women on economic issues to enable them to play an active role in a globalized world and a more and more professionalized business sector.

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