PN Member Meg Munn Welcomes Iraqi Parliamentary Committee

PN Member Meg Munn Welcomes Iraqi Parliamentary Committee in Westminster
Meg Munn's Office
March 04, 2013 to March 08, 2013

Meg Munn MP was pleased to welcome members and staff of the Services and Reconstruction Committee of the Iraq parliament to the House of Commons recently. The committee spent a week in and around Westminster learning about the practices and procedures of the UK Parliament, including how committees hold governments to account for their actions. 

In Westminster they discussed transport issues with the Chair of the Transport Select Committee, Louise Ellman MP. The clerk and advisors to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee outlined how they conduct oversight of the UK water supply.

The committee are undertaking inquiries into the provision of drinking water and the organisation of transport so they met representatives of transport and water organisations. They heard about the challenges in providing drinking water from Yorkshire Water and the Minister for Water, Richard Benyon MP, and met Transport for London representatives.

Meg said:

"It was a pleasure to welcome Iraqi MPs to Westminster. I know that they valued the opportunity to visit our Parliament and discuss with MPs here how our democracy works.

After the end of the long years of dictatorship they have had to work hard building their democratic institutions. At the end of the week they all felt they had learnt a great deal, and one MP commented that building democracy is a long process.”

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