PN Member Guliyev's Draft Resolution Receives Great Support at OSCE PA

June 19, 2013

Press service of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly spread on Tuesday a press-release about the draft resolution "Strengthening Civil Society Institutions in the OSCE Region", the author of which is Azerbaijani MP Azay Guliyev.

The press-release notes that in the resolution proposed by the MP, the member countries of the OSCE PA are called for a close dialogue and strengthening of cooperation with NGOs and other civil society institutions.

"NGOs should not only be observers but also play an active role in decision-making process," Guliyev underscored.

The draft resolution, which was supported by 56 MPs from 21 countries, also calls to eliminate the restrictions on the use of information resources for NGOs and increase the transparency of their financial resources.

The draft resolution will be submitted for voting of the annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Istanbul, which will be held from June 29 to July 3. The message also notes that the resolutions adopted at the annual session help to the formation of the future policy of the OSCE.

Among 29 draft resolutions, which will be discussed in Istanbul, Azay Guliyev's project holds second place by the number of supporting countries, only after the draft resolution of the U.S.


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