PN Member Elmar Brok Meets with Turkish EU Minister

October 16, 2014

PN Member and Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elmar Brok MEP, held a bilateral meeting today with the Minister for European Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Volkan Bozkir, as reported by the European Parliament
During the meeting, which took place in a very cordial atmosphere, Mr. Brok and Mr. Bozkir discussed the accession negotiations between Turkey and the EU and the need to provide new dynamism to the reform process in Turkey. The meeting also touched upon Turkey's peace and reconciliation negotiations with the PKK. Cooperation between Turkey and the European Union in foreign policy terms, with particular reference to the on-going conflict in Syria, the security situation in Iraq and the vast numbers of refugees from Syria in Turkey, now estimated at 1.5 million, was also at the centre of the discussion.
Later in the morning Minister Bozkir held an exchange of views with the Members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the accession process of Turkey as well as on security and stability issues in the Middle East.


PN Member Elmar Brok MEP is a Member of the European Parliament for the German Christian Democratic Party (CDU). He has been in office since 1980 and is currently serving as Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

Originally published on the website of the European Parliament

Photo courtesy of the European Parliament


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