PN Member Elmar Brok Follows Up on the Situation in Moldova

European Parliament / AFET Committee
May 08, 2013

Following recent  political developments in Moldova, Mr Elmar Brok, chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, held today a telephone conversation with interim Prime Minister Leanca.
In his conversation with him, Mr Brok conveyed his strong concern about decisions and initiatives from different sides which call into question the rule of law and the division of powers. He stated clearly that the rule of law is at the heart of the European integration process to which Moldova has committed itself and that nothing, be it controversial rulings or hasty legislation, should put in question the principle on which every democratic state is based, i.e. the independence of the judiciary from any political influence.
Mr Leanca shared Mr Brok's concerns and reassured him that the President of Moldova would not sign the new laws and that the proposed legislation would be sent back to Parliament. He personally committed himself to guaranteeing that Parliament would reconsider thoroughly such proposals, in proper consultation with all the relevant actors, and that the final outcome would be in compliance with European values and standards.
Mr Brok told Prime Minister Leanca, that on this basis, he could count on the continuing support of the European Union and urged him to ensure that the parliamentary debate takes place in full respect of democratic rules and without those emotional overtones which have marked developments in the past few days.


Originally published on European Parliament / AFET Foreign Affairs.

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