Have You Made Peace Yet? PNCP Calls upon its Members to Spread the Peace

Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention
September 21, 2013

Who Will You Make Peace With?” the Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention (PN) asked its members a couple of months ago and invited them to join the Peace One Day movement. Peace One Day is an NGO seeking to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace which was established in 1981 by United Nations General Assembly resolution 36/67 and occurs each year on September 21.

What if the answer would be “My colleague from the Foreign Affairs Committee” or “The opposition leader, because he does stand for a more peaceful world” or “The newly elected woman who is a proponent of equal rights”?

Five new MPs have joined the Parliamentarians Networks since then, following the recommendations of our PN members.

We now call again upon our members and friends of the network to join the international efforts in strengthening the ideals of peace by inviting one parliamentarian to become a new member of the Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention:  

  • Direct the MP you would like to invite to join PN to our website http://pncp.info/join and forward our leaflet (that you can download here),
  • or send a suggestion per e-mail to pn@ewi.info with contact details so we can send a formal invitation.


Please inform us no later than September 1 about your nominee so that we can measure our impact in time for the International Day of Peace!

We can be reached at pn@ewi.info or at 0032 2 743 46 27, and are looking forward to your suggestions.


Photo by coreycam.