Clegg, Ashdown, Williams and Hughes Set Out Case for Action in Syria

August 30, 2013

Writing in tonight’s London Evening Standard, Nick Clegg, Simon Hughes, Paddy Ashdown and Shirley Williams set out the case for international action in Syria.

After describing the horrors of  chemical weapons, they declare:

We four believe a strong response from the international community is now necessary.

They also make clear that if the UN cannot reach agreement, that must not hinder intervention:

It will be far better if we are able to reach agreement for military action within the UN Security Council – not least because strong international support will bolster the message sent to Assad.

Hoping that China and Russia “do not hold the Security Council hostage to pursue their own agendas”, the four conclude:

The law is the law. No two nations have the right to prevent it from being enforced. For the humanitarian sake of the Syrian people – and in defence of peace and stability around the world – these laws must be upheld.

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