African Women Parliamentarians Visit Westminster

Meg Munn's office

When a group of 18 cross-party women parliamentarians from Sierra Leone, Ghana and Zambia visited Westminster recently the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK asked PM Member Meg Munn MP to meet them to outline the women’s mentoring programme she leads. They visiting parliamentarians were taking part in a week long women’s capacity building program, with the focus of how to build and sustain an effective Women’s Parliamentary Caucus.

Meg is Chair of the Fabian Society Women’s Mentoring Project and outlined the group’s mentoring programme. The project aims to create a network for social and political change, and provide new opportunities for women of all backgrounds to engage in topical policy debates. The debates teach women about policy and politics, going for public office, organising and campaigning, media and communications and how a political party works.

Meg said:

“It is great to have an opportunity for women to learn from each other and help each other succeed in the traditionally male dominated arena of politics. It is essential to build sustainable and effective pathways for women’s involvement in parliamentary activities.”

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