PN Secretariat outreach mission to Morocco

Parliament Building Rabat Morocco
March 30, 2013 to April 03, 2013

Representing the Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention's Secretariat, Ms. Agnes Venema will travel to Morocco on an official outreach mission, aimed at increasing awareness regarding the Network's activities amongst parliamentarians from Morocco. Whilst Morocco experienced social uprising as the wave of protests swept through the Arab world over the past two years, the measures taken by King Mohammed VI in response have resulted in more power for the parliament and the speeding up of the democratization process

In addition to the outreach activities, Ms. Venema will also participate a round table on Migration, Identities and Foreign Relations, which is organized by the Council for Moroccans Abroad (CCME) as part of the 19th edition of the Book Fair in Casablanca. More information about this event can be found here


Photo by World Effect

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