PN Coordinator Agnes Venema Attends ICAPP Conference in Seoul

September 12, 2013 to September 14, 2013

PN Program Coordinator Agnes Venema will be attending the ICAPP (International Conference of Asian Political Parties) conference in Seoul, South Korea from September 12-14, 2013. The Special Conference on “Women’s Leadership and Empowerment” highlights the importance of women’s leadership and participation in the political and economic realm on an international level. Through a series of discussions, 28 political parties from over 20 different countries will join together to converse about the role and importance of women in a peace-building society. The dialogue between political parties will not only illustrate the value of women in foreign affairs and peace-building initiatives, but join ideas on what steps need to be taken for women to be empowered in their own countries.


Photo by Kuster & Wildhaber Photography.