Shenkai Zahen Karokhil Speaks at Conference on the Outcome of Afghanistan

September 16, 2013


Friends of Europe presents the upcoming conference, After ISAF: Afghanistan’s Make or Break Year.

Next year will be pivotal for Afghanistan. With NATO troops set to depart and the country preparing for presidential elections, Afghanistan faces an array of security, development and economic challenges. Ensuring post-2014 stability requires continuing efforts to train and equip the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) but also a stronger movement towards political reconciliation and achieving peace with its neighbours. Attempts to resume talks with the Taliban and move towards a peace agreement have stalled, and many fear that progress made towards improving security and guaranteeing social freedoms is in danger of being rolled back. Will Afghan security forces be able to deliver on security and confront the Taliban insurgency? Given worldwide donor fatigue, can Afghanistan’s international partners be relied on to fulfil their Tokyo commitments on financial support?  To build a stronger electoral architecture, Afghan authorities recently approved a legal framework for the polls and election commissioners, but what additional steps are needed to ensure credible and inclusive elections? What implications could a peace deal with the Taliban have on the upcoming elections and on ensuring peace and stability? How can NATO and the EU help the crucial upcoming political transition? Do the recent talks between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif signal warmer relations between the two neighbours?  What should be the role of other regional players, including India, China and Russia?

Speakers include: 

Shaharzad Akbar, Founder and Ex-Chairwoman of Afghanistan 1400 Movement
Shenkai Zahen Karokhil, MP, Kabul Province
Hekmat Karzai, Founder/Director of Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS)
Khalid Ahmad Pashton, MP, Kandahar Province
Sami Sadat, Founder of Afghanistan Analysis and Awareness, Director of Strategic Communications for Afghanistan’s High Peace Council

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Photo by President of the European Council.