PN Member Loubna Amhair Engages in Women’s Democracy Dialogue

Loubna Amhair MP
March 03, 2014

Leading up to international Women’s Day (8 March), PN member Loubna Amhaïr MP, Member of the Moroccan House of Representatives, and several other female democracy activists and leaders from Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia and Moldova will tell their stories and discuss how the EU can support their causes. These women have fought for democracy and the rights of their fellow female citizens. Despite their difficult social and political contexts, they have helped to enable democratic shifts in their countries. The debate will focus on the different challenges they each face, how the EU can support their causes, and what the EU is already doing to help.


European Endowment for Democracy

Key-note speaker: 

MEP Elena Valenciano, chair of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights and member of the EED Board of Governors.

Women leaders:

  • Loubna Amhaïr MP, member of the Moroccan House of Representatives and promotor of the socio-economic position of rural women. (speaker at event)                        
  • Olga Dorokhina, member of the Union Bridge of Friendship, an NGO that empowers young Georgian citizens for local political participation. (speaker at event)
  • Volha Kavalkova, campaign manager & member of Belarusian Christian Democracy Party.
  • Yamina Meghraoui, member of the women’s section of the Syndicat National Autonome des Personnels de l’Administration Publique, defending the rights of women in the mining and construction in Southern Algeria.
  • Liudmila Mitioglo, president of the Pro-Europe Centre in Comrat, which runs debates and discussions on Human Rights and European integration in Moldova.
  • Sally Sami, human rights defender and leader of the 2011 Revolution’s Front to Defend Egypt’s Protesters.
  • Ruzanna Torozyan, founder & executive director of Armenia’s Women’s Development Resource Centre Foundation, which empowers women in political, social & economic life.


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Photo courtesy of EastWest Institute.

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