How Policymakers and Diasporas in the UK Work for Peace and Development

November 29, 2012

The London-based NGO International Alert recently published a report exploring how the experience of diaspora in the UK is affected by conflict in their countries of origin, the nature of their continuing connections with these countries, and their perceptions and mobilization around international engagement on development and peace building processes. The report is based on the outcomes of focus group discussions and interviews with members of the Congolese, Pakistani, Somali and Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora together with interviews with desk officers in the EU and UK governments.

To mark the publication of this report, International Alert and the UK Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues invited politicians, civil society organizations and diaspora community members to discuss the research at the House of Commons. The event was organized at the House of Commons on November 29, 2012, and chaired by PN member Lord McConnell who stressed how important it is for policymakers to understand “the positive contributions that diaspora communities could play in how the UK supports peace in countries suffering war and conflict.” He also highlighted the need for diasporas “to understand more about how decision making is made within the UK and represent diverse views where they exist.”

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Lucy Holdaway et al. (2012) Voices across Borders – Policymakers and diasporas in the UK working for peace and development, International Alert.